Shani - Amazing food, great taste and options. Very friendly and professional staff. Would highly recommend!

איל - Great place,
Great food, large and satisfying dishes and courteous service
We were in the evening with the kids and it was really great
We would definitely come back again when we are at the Dead Sea.
מקום נהדר
אוכל, טעים, מנות גדולות ומשביעות
שירות אדיב עם חיוך גדול
היינו בערב ונהנינו מאוד
הילדים כבר הכריזו שבדרך חזרה מים המלח אנחנו עוצרים שם לאכול צהריים
תודה רבה על חוויה נהדרת

Nicki - Fab food - great prices
A little gem in the desert

Luigi - Excellent recommended restaurant. The owner and the staff are very kind and the food is really good. To come back...

Zucker -

בסופ"ש אכלתי במסעדת מי קאסה בוורד יריחו.
מאוד מאוד נהנתי מהאוכל הסופר טרי וסופר טעים, מהשירות המפנק ומנדיבותכם הרבה.
אני מאחלת לכם בהצלחה רבה ואשוב בקרוב.

This weekend i've eaten at Me Casa at Vered Jericho.
Ive enjoyed from the food that was super fresh and super delicious and from the generous service you have provide.
I wish you luck and I shall be back soon.


מסעדה ממש טובה., אנשים נחמדים ומסבירי פנים.

אייל -  מסעדה ממש טובה., אנשים נחמדים ומסבירי פנים.
עליזה -  במי קאסה ישר מרגישים בבית.
אורלי וגל המקסימים יודעים לפנק את האורחים וגם את החיילים שמשרתים בקירבה.
הכל ניתן ברוחב יד .
הכמויות והמחירים לא מזכירים את תל אביב

Meat & Fish

300gr Steak Entrecote 128 nis
with salad & onion rings

200gr Hamburger 48 nis
Tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, 

Grilled Chicken Pullet 65 nis
Fries & salad.

Countryside salad with Grilled Chicken breast 58 nis
Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, peppers, carrots & cabbage 

Cod 65 nis
Oven baked with Home fries

Chicken wings
48 nis

Stir-fried withs Sweet Chilli or Chili.

Mixed Grill for 2 185 nis
Entrecote, Chicken pullet & Wings

Salmon Filet 65 nis
with Stir-fried green beans 

New Dishes

MeCasa Ice cream


Water 1/2L 5 nis / 1.5L 8 nis

Soft Drinks small 6 nis / large 10nis

Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, 7 Up, Fuse tea.

Beer 330ml 15 nis

Hineken, Carlsburg, Macabbi, Stella Artois, .

Wine 58 nis

Barkan Classic White, & Barkan Classic Red.

Hot Drinks 5-10 nis

Tea 8 nis, Coffee: Espresso 5 nis / Double Espresso 8 nis, Cappuccino 10 nis

A breath of fresh air!

We are here when we stayed in nearby Vered Yeriho and it was a great experience. The food was tasty, the portions were huge, the food arrived quickly, the service was friendly and the price was reasonable - what more could you ask for? I wish every town and city in Israel had a place like Me Casa!

Very good food, excellent service

Amazing people, fast service, and very good food. Everything is with an open hart. We had the stacks and salmon. The malabi in the end is a must.

Amazing food! Terrific service - would highly recommend

I couldn't recommend this lovely spot enough. If you are passing between Jerusalem and Dead Sea, you have to stop by for a meal here. Lots of options, fresh, delicious and affordable food. Service was fantastic and we very much look forward to coming back soon!

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Opening Hours

Saturday - Thursday 10:30 am - 10:30 pm
Friday 10:30 am - 9:30 pm

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